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Competency Mapping – 3 days (2 nights stay)

Competency mapping is a process of identifying key competencies in an organization, and then using it for job evaluation, recruitment, training and development, performance and talent management, succession planning etc. This certificate course is intended to make the participants understand designing, planning and implementation of assessment and development centres. The major objective of this course is to obtain knowledge about various psychometric testing another management techniques and tools, particularly observational skills. It also helps to understand the organizational interventions on the basis of the assessment results to optimize growth

Course Fees: INR 10,000 - per person (includes food & accommodation)

Leadership and Stress Management for Senior Executives – 3 days (2 nights stay)

The aim of this certificate course is to develop the leadership and managerial qualities, which are required by organizational leaders in their day-to-day working. It deals with real life competencies which every manager has to display while performing their role of building and running the organization.

Course Fees: INR 10,000 - per person (includes food and accommodation).