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Regulation of Guidelines in Postmortem Examination in India

The need for a detailed, organized procedure for performing autopsy is important, especially in India, since cremation of the deceased bodies is a popular ritual amongst many populations in the country. This means that much of the evidence can be obliterated and the possibility of exhumation for re-testing is annulled. Sadly, the procedure for autopsy remains different and unclear among experts from different States and there aren’t many checks and balances with that respect. The study investigates whether the absence of unanimous standards with regard to post mortem examination may adversely affect the evidences, hence affecting the trial outcome.

Smart Neighbourhoods – The Role of Social Media on Building Resilience in Indian Society

Assistant Professor of Management Practice and Fellow, Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences

Social Entrepreneur Quotient

This project was designed in collaboration with Jindal Center for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Southampton University and aims to collaboratively create a standardized psychometric test to assess the “social entrepreneur quotient”. The Social Entrepreneur Quotient (SEQ) test aims to predict the likelihood that someone can become a successful social entrepreneur - regardless of their idea, locale, or demographic.

Study of Suicide Cases of State Police Personnel

Recently, suicide rates have been on a rise among all categories of people across different professions, age groups and socio-economic sections, making it a matter of concern for nations around the world However, one of the areas which has not been widely recognized, particularly in India, is the rise in suicide rates among the police personnel.

Through this research, we identify the factors that affect those in the police services, both existing causes and other potentially causative factors that might contribute to rise in suicide rates in the Police. This understanding will help us provide suggestions and recommendations to amend health and professional conditions.

Funding Agency

Bureau of Police Research & Development (BPR&D), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India
Funds Sanctioned

Rs. 322,666