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India to Host “18th World Congress of Criminology” for the First Time

27 September 2016
The Pioneer

Jindal Institute of Behavioral Sciences (JIBS) a part of the O. P. Jindal Global University (JGU) in collaboration with the International Society of Criminology (ISC) is organizing the “18th World Congress of Criminology” in India for the first time. The summit will be held from 15-19 December 2016 at the O.P. Jindal Global University campus in Sonipat, Haryana.

The trending phenomenon of urbanization and unrelenting migration is leading to wide economic disparities and scarcity of resources for certain sections, which in turn breed fragmentation, conflict and criminality. There is an increasing need for formulation of new policies and reforms that can guarantee the stability of societies. Even as countries strive to control crime within their borders, growing globalization has underlined the need for a broader and international collaboration in criminological research.

The 3-day Congress is a congregation of experts, think-tanks, thought leaders, scholars, professionals discussing and deliberating on some of the most pressing issues related to crime and deviance that we face in the 21st century and their subsequent prevention.

Speaking ahead of the conference Prof. (Dr.) C Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor, JGU, said, “The 18thWorld Congress of Criminology will feature some of the most important voices on the challenges faced by the criminal justice systems in developing economies and will seek to address critical issues surrounding criminological research in great detail. Forums such as these present an opportunity to globally discuss some of the most serious challenges relating to the rule of law in our societies and we, as an educational institution have always tried to create meaningful platforms and enable deliberations that can reflect upon such issues in an intellectually rigorous manner.”

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Sanjeev P. Sahni, Principal Director of Jindal Institute of Behavioral Sciences called on experts in criminology and related disciplines to come together and engage in rigorous discussion and debate on the universal challenges faced in developing crime prevention policies for effective intervention and prevention.

He said, “We are privileged to be hosting the 18th chapter of the World Congress of Criminology, for the first time in India. We hope that scholars from this part of the world, India and the neighboring countries, will avail of this opportunity to facilitate scholarly discussions on the issues that are persistent in their regions and be able to garner solution-based debates and policy reforms that can hopefully be carried forward by the government, community and non-government organizations.”

The main theme of the Congress will be Urbanization, Globalization, Development & Crime: Opportunities & Challenges of the XXI Century. Panel discussions will also focus on critical issues pertaining to Extremism, Terrorism & Warfare: Mass Violence and its Impact on Society, Victimization of Vulnerable Populations: Crimes against Women and Children etc.

According to the President of the International Society of Criminology, Dr. Emilio Viano, “Participating in the Congress is a unique opportunity to present your work to the world community of criminologists and to begin, or expand and strengthen your interdisciplinary connections, multi-disciplinary cooperation, and the successful advancement of your career and standing in the profession.  In an increasingly competitive academic world, the World Congress of Criminology gives you the best chance to shine presenting your work and to advance building your future.”

This prestigious forum is being organized since 1938 under the auspice of the International Society of Criminology, and will bring together leading academicians, researchers, professionals and policy makers from across the globe. Platforms such as these provide an opportunity for intellectuals from diverse disciplines and areas of work to exchange ideas and formulate policies and solutions that can help in effective prevention and intervention of crime.