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About JIBS

Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences (JIBS) is a value based research institute of O.P. Jindal Global University which is dedicated to understanding, developing and applying human process competencies through continuous experimentation, research and learning related to applied and experimental behavioural science focusing on broad areas like social sciences, mental health, competency mapping, neurosciences, neural decision sciences, cognitive sciences, psychobiology management sciences, forensic sciences, social psychology, criminal behaviors etc.

With the aim of establishing an institute in Asia that conducts and applies best behavioural and social science practices in innovation, education, research, scholarship and clinical care, JIBS pursues to promote research that is multidisciplinary, quantitative and scientific in nature.

  • To expand and strengthen interdisciplinary, collaborative research programs between behavioural scientists and other disciplines, including basic science and clinical research.
  • To assure a cohesive, multidisciplinary, critical mass of behavioural science investigators within a well-funded research program.
  • To provide training to teachers, students, schools, NGOs, Colleges, and other organizations on mental health, victim assistance, performance enhancement, stress management, competency development, disability rehabilitation, and understanding various dimensions of human behaviour.
  • To focus research programs on high-risk, underserved and minority populations wherever possible
  • To conduct and apply the best behavioural and social science research and evaluation towards improving people's lives, with a special emphasis on the underprivileged .